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We differ from the similar associations in the Metropolitan and throughout the country in, generally speaking, everything, i. e. we are UNIQUE and SOLE in relation to the following:

1. The first not-for profit association that will not engage in carrying out business activities under any whatsoever circumstances [although the law (NPLEA) allows it under certain terms and conditions].

2. The first not-for-profit association that has one single aim& to formulate and resolve according to the appropriate procedures the problems (see the Charter) arising during carrying out taxi transport by cars.No more, no less.

3. The first not-for-profit association that, on the lower level (members or sympathizers) does not collect any member’s fees, since if you ask from a Bulgarian 3 levs, or 2 levs, or 1 lev, or even 1 cent as a member’s fee, there will always be at least one person to say: “they collected it, ate it up, drank it up and did nothing”. This is the reason why the expenses will be met by voluntary contributions of those working on the higher level (MBmembers, Co-Chairpersons and Chairperson of the MB).

4. The first not-for-profit association that does not “give itself” to parties, organizations, etc. which does not prevent us from keeping up very good relations with any one of those in case of common or close causes.

5. The first not-for-profit association that is aiming at achieving the balance of the interests of drivers and carriers under any circumstances, i. ?. brings forth a project for solution of a formulated problem before the Arbiter –State (NA,CM, separate ministries, agencies, etc.) or the Arbiter – Municipality (Mayor, respective committees to the MO or directorates to the municipality) for an easier and faster settling of the problem that would result in an appropriate amendment of the Motor Carriages Act (MCA) or of Regulations Nos. 34 and 35 ensuing there from, so that all CARRIERS and DRIVERS feel more comfortable within the branch framework.

6. The first not-for-profit association that identifies itself with a UNIQUE STICKER for the purpose of using preferences: 1) at the motor spare parts stores; 2) at the service centers for technical servicing and maintenance of the taxi vehicles; 3) the places for checks every six months I connection with the technical condition of the vehicles and their fitness for taxi transport.

7. Our understanding is that there are only lease, franchise and employment agreements in the branch that we are not going to interfere with, take side in, etc. We are not a trade union organisation and we are not an employers’ organization.